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Free Mockups

Our creative design team will provide free mockups.

High Quality

165 GSM material with next-gen stitching.

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround times (10-20 days)

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Highest quality at lowest prices (price match guarantee).

Custom Football Snoods

Custom football snoods by Club Snoods puts your team’s crest or logo onto a high-quality snood. We have extensive experience making football snoods, having worked with more than 2000 teams over the years.

You get free mock-ups so that you know exactly how your custom snoods will look before you buy. If you’re buying for the entire team you can get a great deal with Club Snoods as we offer bulk discounts.

The Club Snoods Process:

If you want snoods for you and your club, buy with Club Snoods, because we make the process simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.

1) Send Us Your Logo

Send your logo to us via messenger. Have a vision? let us know. Need inspiration, browse our designs.

2) Mockup Creation

No matter the brief, our creative design team will create an awesome snood mockup. Unlimited amendments.

3) Link Provided

When happy, we will provide payment link.

4) Sit Back & Relax!

Our production team will bring your snood to life.

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Bulk Buy Discounts

  • (3 - 5 Snoods) - £12.00 Per Snood
  • (6 - 11 Snoods) - £10.00 Per Snood
  • (12 - 23 Snoods) - £9.00 Per Snood
  • (24 - 39 Snoods) - £7.00 Per Snood
  • (40+ Snoods) - £6.50 Per Snood

Why Your Team Will Love Football Snoods

From the Premier League all the way to the junior club circuits, football is the UK’s favourite sport, with tens of thousands of passionate players and fans alike.

Club Snoods are great for year-round use, as they offer a level of protection from Covid and other airborne illnesses in the summertime, and provide practical warmth during the wintertime.

That means that there are games that go on in the deepest, coldest months of the winter season. It’s important to stay warm in order to play your best game, so you’ll see many top-tier pros like Messi in snoods during training and warm-ups.

This is just as important for clubs on the amateur and regional level, with more than 40,000 football clubs in England alone. It is important for players at any level to keep warm and play their best game, so why not do it with a custom team design that looks great with the rest of your kit?

Consider this, If you are rocking up to your club’s training session on a bitter morning cold, you can keep cosy with our custom football snoods.

Your neck helps regulate heat in the rest of your body, so it’s important to keep it warm, even during exercise – but it’s hardly practical to smash through your football drills with a big itchy and burdensome scarf on, that’s where snoods come in!

They are made from high-quality polyester and are super breathable, so even when you’re an hour deep into training you can keep your snood over your face and save your nose and lips from the winter chill.

Fans Love Them Too!

They are great for fans as well, offering that same warmth and comfort during those icy-cold winter games.

Need to pop to a shop with face-mask rules during half-time? Your Club Snood can act as an appropriate face covering.

The best bit? No matter what you’re doing with your Club Snood, you’re doing so while showing your support for your team with a unique and vibrant design!

Get In Touch For More

With Club Snoods you get premium custom snoods at an affordable price.

If you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQs on the homepage or contact a member of our customer service team here.

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